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The two most important days in life are the one you were born on and the one you understand why.

(Mark Twain)

One of the aspects I appreciate most about photography in Second Life is the long preparation before the shot. Any photographer knows that editing does not work miracles: if a photograph is poor, Photoshop will not turn it into a masterpiece.
In my case, it took an hour and a half before I took this picture. I already had in mind what pose to use and where to use it, but I had no idea how to dress, what hair to choose, what angle to take the picture from, what lighting to use, and, last but not least, how to adjust the pose in relation to my shape and personal taste.
If I have to photograph the avatar, I choose Black Dragon, also because it gives me the possibility to easily modify the pose using the Poser. With any other viewer, you would have to use some hud created on the spot but it doesn’t offer the level of customization of the Black Dragon Poser.
The post-production took about half an hour and was much more relaxing than the preparation for the initial shot.

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Cynful Amour Babydoll


[DPSP] – Floating Flower (modified by me)

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