Month: May 2018

Second Life Music Video. Remember

Second Life Music Video. Remember

I always thought that Second Life® is an ideal virtual world for making music videos. This video, made at the Mystero Hifeng’s sim, confirmed that I was right. [youtube] Music: “Give It All” By Train From the “Bulletproof Picasso” album…

Second Life® and G.B.T.H. Project with Megan Prumier’s immersive installation

After a few days of absence from blogging (for Real Life reasons), I return to my exploration of human creativity in virtual worlds. In fact, one of my favorite activities is to visit the latest artistical innovations. This time I immerse myself in the creative mind of Megan Prumier who gave life to an art installation entitled “Contact” related to G.B.T.H. (Grab By The Horns) Project.

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