360 GRADI Magazine March-April 2021 Issue Preview

???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????????? is set to be released on April 12th.
Among the various articles the magazine offers for this March-April bimonthly:
The “???????????????????? ????????????????” of ???????????????????? ????????????????????????, a photographer who likes to call himself a “paparazzo” for his improvisational ability to capture portraits of celebrities he occasionally meets.
???????????????????????????????????????? ????????????, highly appreciated 3D artist who has been sharing with her large audience her works with a strong visual impact and great expressiveness for many years.
???????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????? ???? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????: in the section dedicated to psychology, we talk about Consciousness as the aspect that allows us to identify and distinguish ourselves from the outside world.
???????????????? ???????? ????????????????????????: a dream location where time seems to be interrupted to give travelers a breathtaking view, perfect for photography.More articles in the issue to be published on Monday, April 12.

→ Previous Issues: https://www.yumpu.com/…/www…/user/360.gradi.magazine

I love communication in all its aspects. I like to share my experiences, explorations, and knowledge with the Second Life community. I created the VIRTUALITY blog and 360 GRADI Magazine with this goal in mind.
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