Aki & Dixmix – Sound & Vision at Inspire Space Park

Wednesday, 13th July – 1 PM SLT

Join us for the two hours of magical music and particle show,

Sound & Vision with Akiko Kinoshi & Dixmix at

magical area full of artful created planets, gardens and high – energy club at Inspire Space Park!

First part: Aki & Dixmix followed by second part: Delain & Dixmix!

Join us for one new adventure and beauty of art and music!

We extend cheerful welcome to everyone for this spectacular show!

Dixmix, DelainAki & Violet

Inspire Space Park – Teleport


1) Please accept The Elite experience when offered – this is VERY IMPORTANT as we will be changing the skies during the show.
If you missed the dialog box for The Elite please click the HUD/Poster again.


3) Now, please go to graphics settings — these are in Quick Prefs or the viewer drop-down menu: AVATAR / PREFERENCES / GRAPHICS and set these sliders:

Draw distance 128 >> 256m (if you can)
Particles high to maximum… (>> 4096 –> 8192)
Use Advanced lighting model on: High to Very High Graphics (not Ultra) and WITHOUT shadows
LOD (Level of Detail) 2 –> 4

Please be sure to render Akiko fully!


1) Turn off Name Tags in Quick Preferences

2) Derender audience members around you, but DO NOT derender Akiko or you won’t see the particles.

3) Use the sliders to decrease the settings mentioned above: particles, draw distance, and LOD.

(But don’t set Particles below 4096!)

4) Please remove any unnecessary HUDs and scripts. These all create lag for you and others, so we ask everyone to keep it at this:

Script Amount: 100 scripts max / Script Memory: 3mb max. Try also to keep your complexity low preferably not over

The higher the graphics settings, the slower the viewer speed.

It is a delicate balance, and it varies according to your computer’s speed and video card.

Inspire Space Park

“Stay tuned as we embark on an all new adventure as the new caretakers of Inspire Space Park!

Having been part of this amazing park for many years, I’m proud to merge with Inspire in ways I never dreamed of!
I am looking forward to work together with many people to keep ISP Alive for many years to come!

Inspire Space Park is best viewed on

Ultra Quality graphics using Shared Environment

but if you’re unable to use either, we suggest taking your environment settings to midnight!

Delain Canucci – Caretaker together with Jamilah Rossini Bonny Greenwood

Inspire Space Park Flickr & Discord Channel

“Hidden inside Inspire Space Park’s magma sun, a light-filled, beat-driven, high-energy club hosts the best dance beats and live DJs. The club features views of the entire Space Park, top-notch lighting and design, dance cages, a full bar, full-on lasers and a highly visual DJ stand.” 

Inspire Space Park – Destination Guide #SecondLife

Akiko Kinoshi – The Akipelago Islands

Akiko Kinoshi – Owner builder & creative head of the Akipelago Islands, lady who take care that wonderful cultural life in SL grows and supporter for art, artist, musicians, dj´s and all creative souls in this amazing world.

Dixmix Source – Artist, Musician & Curator

Dixmix Source – Belgian artist, photographer, director, musician & curator of Dixmix Gallery – Flickriver

Art Promotion

Violet Boa
My responsibilities include planning, implementing, and managing PR strategies as well as organizing and managing various PR activities. A natural part of my work involves arranging interviews and coordination, researching and collecting opportunities for partnerships, establishing and maintaining relationships with journalists, influencers and bloggers, as well as supporting the team members of my client in communicating and running a campaign. My top ten topics of interest are fine art, photography, design, digital art, music, performing arts, literature, science, mindfulness and a positive attitude. I'm a thinker & observer & I love all the things I do. Multilingual. Independent. Strong true character, kind, brave, thoughtful, humble and proud person who loves humor, positive attitude & Advanced thinkers! If you would like your event to be published on VIRTUALITY, feel free to contact me!
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