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Yesterday the exhibition “Barock” realized by Calypso Applewhite opens its doors to the public at DixMix Art Gallery. I went there since I have been intrigued by the beautiful flyer Violet published on VIRTUALITY. I can tell I have not been disappointed viewing the gallery on the occasion of the opening yesterday.

I appreciate Caly’s art for the time, so I am not surprised she performed such an incredible photography exhibition at DixMix Gallery.

Caly Applewhite @DixMix Art Gallery

As the title suggests, Caly focuses her attention on the “baroque fashion style,” which is evident from the first view. The artist got dressed her avatar with attention to fit that specific time fashion style. I don’t think it has been simply finding all those outfits to capture such images so appropriate for that time (XVII sec).

Caly makes wise use of colors: black, white, and red are the dominant ones. Also, lights and shadows are crucial in art realized with a suggestive cracked effect.

Megan Prumier decorated the room that impeccably hosts the gallery to fit this baroque style. I do love the red lights on the walls and the global mood she gave to the decoration.


Barock” at DixMix Art Gallery

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