You are a blogger/vlogger who promotes items for sale; you will have noticed how boring it is to insert credits. Whether items you wear or objects for sale (home furnishings, to give you an example) you want to cover, copying, and pasting credits one by one is a job that slows down the activity and does not make it enjoyable.

By pure chance, on the occasion of the last Fifty Linden Friday, I discovered this HUD that does the tedious work for us.
The FOURTH WALL creates the HUD, and as I communicate, it is for sale at L$ 199. Money, in my opinion, well spent to save quite a bit of effort every time you have to enter credits at the end of the article.

FOURTH WALL: Quick Credits HUD

Once unpacked and worn, if we want the HUD to tell us in local the credits of the worn items, we need to click on attachments. We will have all the attached things in the local chat. We’ll need a copy and paste on our blog post (removing the things we don’t want to promote).

CREDITS FOR WORN OBJECTS: Click on Attachments

If instead, we want the credits of objects (for example something with all its furniture), we will click on Rez Cube. The premise to use this HUD is to have rez rights. If we are bloggers, we usually rez on a platform on which we have rez rights, so this should not be a problem.

Once we click on Rez Cube, we will have a green cube. The cube delimits the area within which the objects we want the credits are. So, all we need to do is move and enlarge or narrow the cube to delimit the area of our interest.
Once we have surrounded the interesting objects, using the green cube, press start. A green orbit will scanner all the objects in the area and give us their credits in local chat.
Too easy? Yeah, too easy.

???? A tip: the FOURTH WALL sells, on the occasion of Fifty Linden Friday, a HUD that is precious for all photographers and videomakers. It allows you to make automatic and cinematic frame changes. It is also useful for role-players because it will enable you to observe the scene as if you were watching it from a camera—an exciting experience for those who want to experiment with their SL in an immersive way.

After clicked RezCube, you get a green cube around you.
Resize the cube all around the objects you want to cover: once finished click on START.
When the green orb finish, you get the credits in your local chat. The HUD doesn’t tell you duplicate results (if you rezzed more times an object).

My Youtube Video ????????

Teleport to the FOURTH WALL store

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