Why is it fun to write an article about an experience you lived on SecondLife or another gameplay? Why is it interesting to make videos about something you’ve done in a game? Why do so many people find it interesting to follow players on Twitch streaming their virtual experiences?

Sharing the game seems to be a winning solution. The platforms that allow sharing of videos, images, or even just written text, are a widely used tool both for those who share their experiences and for those who want to learn to use a platform or explore new ways to have fun.

Whether you are playing or you are in a real-life simulator, what is winning is the sharing of your experiences. 

If you open YouTube and look for something related to SL, you will find many videos of players who share their life stories: shopping, exploring new locations, learning to take pictures, learning to make videos, and so on. There are videos recorded during live concerts; there are live-streams of people who participate in events and want to share their experiences with others, also revealing some little secrets, such as where gifts are inside a hunt. In short, the desire to share is widespread, and the same official SL channel uses all possible tools to share the main inworld attractions with its followers.

Those who watch videos on YouTube that interest a game, do so because they want to know different ways to play or some tricks that they are not aware of. As for Second Life, watching videos on YouTube is exciting both to explore new ways of experiencing the platform, and to observe the point of view, the perspective of another player in some way enriches you. Staying immersed only in one’s perspective risks being limiting, and in the long run, also dull. Seeing what others are doing, how others are playing the game, how they are having fun, the events they participate in and much more allow the observer to know different aspects of the same game. His way of seeing Second Life changes, and in some way, is enriched by the experiences of others.

On the other hand, those who share these experiences in SecondLife or any other game live them more intensely. For example, I am visiting an art gallery, and I do live to stream: I have to share my thoughts on the gallery and on the art exhibition that I am visiting. This routine forces me to be more present in the game. I am sharing my experience with other people, and at the same time, I am bringing out impressions, emotions, sensations, etc. that allow me to live that same experience in a more intense, more profound way.

Some people spend several hours watching other people play, and I think this trend cannot be ignored. The importance of videos is evident to all. By now, the videos are becoming more widespread and exciting for those looking for information than the written text.

As I said before, if you open YouTube and search for SecondLife, you will find many videos. Some of these have several views, and the related channels have an impressive number of followers. This aspect makes me understand that also for Second Life, as for many other games, the strategy of sharing content through videos is a trend. 

At the end of this article, I leave you some of the streamers that I consider most significant. Other users make videos, without necessarily doing live. I think among these, the most notable are those who share video tutorials since they are useful. Live streaming, on the other hand, is particularly popular and followed because it is curious to see what a person does in real-time and interact with them through Live Chat. Some streamers are very lovely, and therefore it is amusing to follow their live-stream.

Have you ever tried to do live streaming? In the next article, I will explain how to do it using software that I appreciate: Streamlabs OBS.

Meanwhile, I leave you the video of Strawberry Singh, which explains how to do live streaming with OBS (for free). The video is not recent, but it is still current. 

How to live-stream in Second Life with OBS

Meela Vanderbuilt’s Channel

NovataSecondLife Channel


Second Life Official Channel

Toxxic Rhiannyr Channel

Cassie Middles Channel

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