Camp Italia hosts 2 art exhibitions: “Tracce d’Africa” and “Mask”

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Camp Italia Gateway hosts two art exhibitions for the Summer ’21 season, with works imported into Second Life from so-called real life.

“Tracce D’Africa” exhibition

“Tracce d’Africa“ ​​is the title of the oil painting exhibition by the artist Francesca Scollo that takes us into the mysteries of African beauty. Francesca Stefania Scollo is a young Italian painter who has dedicated much of her art to Africa. Graduated in art and painting in Catania, she lives and works in Sicily with her husband and children where they have a photographic studio and an art studio. She exhibits in the best galleries in Southeast Sicily, and her art is loved and highly appreciated. Some of the artist’s works can be found in Milan, in the “Arte Dello Spazio” gallery, and other works in private galleries and in the Town Hall of Rosolini, in Sicily. «A strong attraction for Africa – says the Artist – is inside my works and inside the colors and lights ….. Africa is always a mystery for the Western world and continues to enchant us!».

“Mask” exhibition

“Masks” is the exhibition title by Ann Novak, aka Ann Von Rhein, event manager and Professor at Salem Landschulheim in SL, media agent at Kite Co, and machinima maker by birth. Ann loves photography and RL painting. «The paintings were made in oil in RL – explains Ann Von Rhein – most of them were painted this year. They come from the heart and follow my imagination: things that happen and don’t happen in the world are my only inspiration». Tracce d’ Africa can be used on the terrace overlooking the sea of ​​Camp Italia, while Masks in the new exhibition area,

Auditorium level of the teleport inside the sim. Both exhibitions are open to the public until the end of August 2021.

Teleport to Camp Italia

Camp Italia (Landing Point)

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