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Cece’s Secret in Second Life®

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Cece’s Secret is a homestead furnished making the most of the prims availability (5000).
It is an example of fresh decor and excellent taste.

The author is CeCeGy, an inspiring photographer, who has both an attractive Flickr profile and a personal blog (as she says, for fun).

Returning to her splendid homestead, Cece’s Secret has a “center” and a more private and peripheral part.
In the central area, there is the station, point of arrival, with a unique retro setting. The train arrived at the station after passing through a tunnel. It is an idea that I appreciate, it gives realism to the landscape.
Also in the central area, there is the primary structure that houses the bar and several shops in the old style.

Cece's Secret

Cece's Secret

The suburban area, accessible by foot along the snowy path, is reserved and dedicated to two beautiful houses. They are comfortable and furnished with care and attention to detail.

Cece's Secret

Cece's Secret

Cece's Secret

Finally, the sim is surrounded by a lighthouse and a tower, also accessible and embellished with comfortable furnishings.


Cece’s Secret




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