Chillaxing with Dixmix on the roof!

21 July 2021- 1 PM SLT

Please feel hearty welcome to join our Summer Party on the roof of Dixmix Gallery!

Chillaxing with Dixmix at the place to be for you and me!

Dixmix Gallery Teleport

Dixmix Source – Curator – Dixmix GalleryFlickriver

Art Promotion – Dixmix Gallery PR

Violet Boa
My responsibilities include planning, implementing, and managing PR strategies as well as organizing and managing various PR activities. A natural part of my work involves arranging interviews and coordination, researching and collecting opportunities for partnerships, establishing and maintaining relationships with journalists, influencer’s and bloggers, as well as supporting the team members of my client in communicating and running a campaign. My top ten topics of interest are fine art, photography, design, digital art, music, performing arts, literature, science, mindfulness and the positive attitude. I’m thinker & observer & I love all the things I do. 360 GRADI Magazine PR Virtuality Blog PR & Author Dixmix Gallery PR Tia Rungray Mng & PR Akipelago PR Lundy Art Gallery & Museum PR   Founder & Owner of: Art Online Promotion – Art Promotion – 4thetune Bookings:
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