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Yesterday, September 29, 2019, the official news came from the owners of Chouchou regarding joining to the Second Region Preservation Society. We are talking about the program that allows the rescue of regions that, without the support of LL, would close.

The owners of Chouchou have therefore made official the decision to preserve their sim and to resurrect the sim Chouchou XVI – The Babel that went off-line in 2013.

Besides, the owners of Chouchou confirm the creation of a staff that will take care of the region’s maintenance, appointing in particular Tofu (10223 Resident) as a reference point.

From the content of the message published on the official Facebook FanPage, you can see the reasons that led to the initial closure choice. The impossibility of taking care of the regions for RL reasons, combined with, as often happens in high traffic places, the fact that the regions themselves were attacked by some jammers, have meant that the Chouchou creators opted for their project closure.
In fact, reading their announcement, it seems that the decision to maintain the regions is influenced by a calm routine. That is to say; we have to hope that these disturbers will not return to the assault of the Chouchou visitors.
Unfortunately, I fear, but it is my opinion that the harassers will return and that nothing can be done about it other than to ban them as soon as a member of staff is available. Griefers are a common problem in every crowded region, a price to pay for a high traffic sim.
However, it is important to be aware that it is unthinkable to close a project just because there are troublemakers: such a choice is equivalent to “throwing in the towel”, surrendering to the overbearingness and haughtiness of certain subjects.
So, I hope that Chouchou is always well attended and that visitors can appreciate it in peace. However, if not, I hope that the owners have the strength to move forward and not so quickly satisfy the desire for the destruction of some griefers.

Another good news about Chouchou comes today: on October 18th Chouchou will release the new album “code01 oort” from their “Experimental Album.” The collection will be available in pre-order from October 4.
The Chouchou owners specify that the new “code01 oort” is the result of an experimental live concert held last December at the “Architecture and Resonance” event sponsored by Kanto Branch of the Architectural Insitute of Japan.
More information can be found on Chouchou’s Facebook FanPage.


Chouchou Facebook FanPage

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