Art as a communication tool: the positivism of Ciottolina Xue in Second Life®

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In art, over time, we have attributed several tasks: to elevate the spirit, to transmit emotions, to share thoughts, to express opinions, to reflect, to educate, and so on.
If we wanted to summarize the function of art in one word, we could say that its primary task is to communicate.
Art is first and foremost communication. There is no art unless there is, at least in part, a communicative effort. Personally, I love all forms of communication, because for me the idea that someone is trying to communicate something through a creative commitment is extraordinary.
In the world of the unrestrained race against time, where life undergoes constant acceleration bringing with it new causes of daily stress, art calms the spirit and allows us to make peace with soul.
Art does not “run.” Art does not happen between one thing and the other. Art calms you while you are immersed in it, or it gets you nervous when you hurry up to it, thinking of creating something “good” fast, maybe to sell and earn from your passion.

Art has a cathartic effect when you do it, when you are completely present in what you do, in what you express through your original commitment.

Today I want to talk about an artist who shows great positivity in her artistic works made for Second Life®. Her name is Ciottolina Xue and has been exhibiting her 3D creations for quite some time. Ciottolina is an Italian artist we have seen growing with great pleasure: from her first creations, she made enormous advances, going to a particular artistic genre, personalizing her style.
As the traveler, looking for her way, so Ciottolina found the “way” from an artistic point of view. At this time I appreciate her works at “Solo Arte,” the sim of Melania (melaniabis) and TerryGold.
Ciottolina Xue’s exhibition is called “Hope” and is open to the public from September 11th.
The exhibited works are 19, specifically:

  • “Monument no racism”;
  • “Speranza”;
  • “Babele”,
  • “Pace”;
  • “Trapasso”;
  • “Il Volo”;
  • “Donna Spremuta”;
  • “Il Desiderio”;
  • “Tenacia”;
  • “Robot Rock 32”;
  • “Lesbian World”;
  • “La Forza”;
  • “La Fede”;
  • “Mondo sfruttato”;
  • “Costrizione”;
  • “Salvezza”;
  • “No racism”;
  • “Escapology”;
  • “Faccia di mani”.

The showroom one hosts a beautiful combination of images and 3D that has the theme “smoking is all about harm.” I invite you to visit it because I believe that the way in which Ciottolina has exposed and presented the issue of tobacco use is both original and engaging.

Hope by Ciottolina Xue in Second Life_004_pe

Ciottolina Xue’s Art in Second Life®

After visiting the art exhibition at “Solo Arte,” I can say that racism seems to be a dear theme for the artist, which she tackles a subject in different works, using various communication strategies. The message I read in her work is the uniqueness of Humans Spirit, despite the diversity of Matter: geographic origin is irrelevant, we are all equal in the Soul, all children of the same Source of Life.

Hope by Ciottolina Xue in Second Life_001_pe

Ciottolina Xue’s Art in Second Life®

Another theme dear to the artist seems to be the Woman, often victim of abuse and great suffering. I see in her work the reflection of terrible news stories. But I also hope for a better future, that will happen if we understand the importance of life and the need to respect it in the present, even in the great difficulties that each of us encounters on its path. Unfortunately, the woman is still a victim of malice and male needs, as if she were an accessory of his own. This fact also happens in Western countries, those who call themselves “Progressive.”

Hope by Ciottolina Xue in Second Life_005_pe

Ciottolina Xue’s Art in Second Life®

Another topic that seems to be precious to Ciottolina is Love, declined in all its expressive form. Even in this case, it does not matter if love falls between a man and a woman or between people of the same sex, what is important is the feeling and the freedom of expression. The statues of this young Italian artist are eloquent and communicative.

Hope by Ciottolina Xue in Second Life_003_pe

Ciottolina Xue’s Art in Second Life®

They enchant and get excited at the same time, gently leading the observer into his ideal world, where hate, racism, separation, and all social evil do not exist. Love reigns. And Love is Unity, Cohesion, Alliance, Brotherhood.

Ciottolina also faces other important issues, such as death and respect for the Planet.

Each of the treated themes gives rise to positivity, the exhibition of her artistic works gives serenity to the observer, enriching the day.

The show will remain open until September 30, followed by the performance of Terry Gold entitled “Penumbra.

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“Solo Arte”

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