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April 1st – 1 PM SLT

Join circle of Thoth Anubis quantum field theory!

QFT is a massively immersive multi-media virtual environment,
so please enjoy light, colors, patterns, and the magical musical trip with Dixmix

We wish you a unique and memorable enjoyable experience!

Quantum Field Theory Teleport

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Quantum Field Theory

Welcome to QFT! Please take a minute and read the below to insure you get the most out of your visit, and set your preferences accordingly. We rely heavily on multimedia, lighting, and materials here, so please

Set Sound & Media/Media Preferences:

ENABLE media auto-play
ALLOW inworld scripts to play media
DISABLE media attached to others
DISABLE media filter

Set Graphics/General settings:

Set to HIGH or better
Draw Distance at least 300m
ENABLE “Advanced Lighting Model”
DISABLE Occlusion


Allow local windlight or set sun to “Midnight”.

The texture below has more info if you need it (click to open):

You’ll notice there is no dance-ball here. We don’t need one. Just touch (point and click on) the floor, and a menu will be offered – just like a dance-ball would. I don’t know why it’s not done everywhere else, but it seems like a good idea to me. Try it.


“QFT, or Quantum Field Theory, is mankind’s greatest achievement. It provides us with an accurate understanding of how the world works through the four forces that govern it and the particles that mediate them. It is this understanding, for example, that makes the technology in which this world exists possible, and if it was incorrect, you would not be reading this.

This place has nothing to do with QFT. BUT! I liked the idea of naming this place after it, so…here we are!

QFT is a massively immersive multi-media virtual environment, or an MIMMVE, for short. (See? QFT is easier!)

Basically, it is a space where you are immersed – enveloped – in changing light, colors, patterns, and sound, providing a unique and (hopefully) memorably enjoyable experience. I hope you’ll enjoy it! ~ TJ

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