This issue we have Blithe on our cover, an excellent place to not only find a community, events and parties, but the aesthetic of the sim is unsurpassed. We also feature an in depth interview with artist Jamie Poutine-Flower and showcase some of her favorite pieces of work. On the fashion front we have the men and women of ECLIPSE styling up some of the hottest spring trends, while we have Damon Frost on “Through the Lens” showing us his version of Spring Romance. For our monthly features, we have “The Proust Spotlight” with Wendz Tempest, “The World of Roleplay” featuring Revenland, “The Art Perspective” with “The Cauldron” by Elicio Ember, “The Artist Highlight” with live singer Phideaux Mayo, “The Adventures of…” in Netherwood and “Voices from the Grid.”

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