ECLIPSE Magazine in Second Life® – October 2016 Issue

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The November 2016 edition of ECLIPSE Magazine we feature the talented Vista Barnes on our cover. Additionally, we shine the spotlight on the creative genius Redd Columbia and her brand -RC- Cluster, as well as the toddleedoo roleplay community and their fashion endeavors. On the fashion forefront, our Through the Lens features the extraordinarily talented Posh Jones and her take on “Autumn Days and Nights.” Our fashion editor, Tempest Rosca, challenged the ladies of ECLIPSE to show their best pinstripe and best pink & yellow outfits, while the gentlemen stepped to the plate with Silk N Shine and Military. This issue also introduces a new monthly feature called, “The Art Perspective” by Oema. Be sure to check out the rest of the issue for our other monthly features: The Proust Spotlight with Carley Benazzi, Artist Highlight, Voices From the Grid and The Adventures of…

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