ECLIPSE Magazine in Second Life® – October 2017

For this issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature one of the most prominent communities in Second Life – Boystown, interviewing Adham Decuir and Divos Titanium. In the spirit of Halloween, for “Trending Now” the ECLIPSE Models style popular costumes, “Voices from the Grid” has residents submitting original scary stories and “Through the Lens” features Mischief Managed through the eyes of SungYoung Jang. Our old “Adventures” piece is upgraded to “The Wayfarer” with this edition exploring The Bay. Be sure to check out our other features: “The Proust Spotlight” with Callie Hamelin, “World of Roleplay” with Conquest of Elysium, “At Home with Wendz” with Fall Favorites, “The Art Perspective” with Bryn Oh’s latest installment, “Artist Highlight” with DirtyDee Sweetwater, “On the Rise” with new club Elysium and “Ask Noey” where she continues to offer the best advice on the grid!



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