ECLIPSE Magazine June 2019

This issue of ECLIPSE Magazine we feature the story of six residents within the LGBTIQ+ community, and they share their experience, how they found community and their hopes for the future. We also showcase The Final Winter from Basic Boyos Events and introduce the Ministry of Magic at Mischief Managed. On the home & garden front, Ben Lewis inspires with his incredible decor and photography skills for “At Home With…” Be sure to check out “Through the Lens” featuring Dutchie’s Vintage Cafe & Bar, the “Proust Spotlight” with Minnie Fae Moonflower, “The Art Perspective” with Oema reviewing “Cherry Box,” “Voices from the Grid” where residents share their thoughts, “Places to Go” with the best free groups to join for gifts and “The Wayfarer” featuring Atonement.

Oema Pralou

Oema Pralou

Just Another Virtual Explorer!


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