ECLIPSE Magazine September 2019

For this issue of ECLIPSE Magazine, we feature the incredibly talented Aida Ewing of Glam Affair on the cover and are thrilled to share her story. On the Home & Garden front, we have two features with Melly Clarrington and Naiike. The Artist Highlight is being re-introduced and the first singer we showcase is Melenda Baptiste. For couples, family and friends looking for a vacation getaway, we shine the light on San Carlo, a fully immersive resort. Be sure to check out our other features: “Through the Lens” with Grace, Taylor and Tempest ready for a music festival, the “Proust Spotlight” on new blogger Sol May Valor, “The Art Perspective” with Oema featuring Patrick Moya, “Voices from the Grid” where residents share their thoughts and “The Wayfarer” featuring the post-apocalyptic Bartertown.



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