“Eroticism Masks”, art installation in Second Life®

Eroticism Masks in Second Life®

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Eroticism Masks” is the art installation by Maddy and Cordediseta hosted on my sim, Astralia.

I am glad to host this gallery because it’s “out of the charts.” I don’t mean that realize a nude photography exposition is “strange,” just that this theme (nude photography) is treating (like argument) in a (special) way.

The specialty of this exposition is this: Maddy works with nude photography in Second Life® as a professional photographer in real life could do with models. In fact, when a nude photographer works in real life, he is usually to establish a feeling with the person photographed. This attitude is essential because you can admire an artistic nude picture, just if the model poses for the photographer in the unique way that the artist likes.

Being photographic naked, the relationship between the photographer and the model must be confident, so that the model feels comfortable and can convey what the artist feels and wants to communicate through photography.

If this relationship of trust and tune is not established, who will observe the shot will realize that photography lacks spontaneity and can not convey the intention of the author.

In our case, however, we talk about photographic shots captured in a virtual environment: what changes?

Evidently, the avatar feels more confident, does not feel emotional and hardly manages to be expressive. The relationship between photographer and model is filtered by the virtual, which attenuates emotions, feelings, passions and sexual desire.

In the virtual world, the avatar is cold compared to the multiple expressive possibilities in the real naked body.

Despite this, Maddy’s images confirm that even in the virtual world, the relationship between photographer and model is essential for the proper performance of an artistic project (and not just erotic).
This aspect would confirm that the spiritual bond, the feeling between artist and subject depicts generates an “energy” that allows the image to live, to be real provocation (even on the virtual platform).

"Eroticism Masks" in Second Life®

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"Eroticism Masks" in Second Life®

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Everyone will enjoy the pictures “in his own way” according to his personal way of seeing and feeling, of course.
However, the expressiveness of Maddy’s avatars is undeniable.
The images in this (great) artistic installation are accompanied by Cordediseta’s words.
To understand them, they should be read in Italian, the original language of the author. The idea of an English translation is still appreciated, to allow the visitor to “have an idea” of what she wants to convey.

I recorded a memorial video, to remember the exciting opening,


If you would like to visit the inworld exhibition, keep in mind that it will be open until September 17th.

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