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At this moment I am visiting the latest artistic installation by Giovanna Cerise, a critical expression of post-modern society and its depersonalization.
What is meant by post-modern and how did post-modernism influence art, philosophy, and literature?

“Postmodern” is a term used to connote the anthropological and cultural condition resulting from the crisis and to the alleged decline of modernity in the societies of mature capitalism, which has come into being since the 1960s in a phase characterized by the global dimensions of the economy and financial markets, from the aggressiveness of advertising messages, from the invasion of television, from the uninterrupted flow of information on the telematic networks. In connection with these phenomena, and in contrast with the utopian character, with the search for the new and the avant-garde typical of modernist ideology, the cultural condition p. it is characterized above all by a disenchanted re-reading of history, definitively subtracted from all finalism, and by the abandonment of the great projects elaborated starting from the Enlightenment and taken from modernity, giving rise, on the creative side, more than to a new style, a sort of aesthetics of the quotation and reuse, ironic and open-minded, of the repertoire of forms of the past, in which every residual distinction between the ‘high’ products of culture and those of mass culture is abolished.

Enciclopedia Treccani

On the occasion of this art installation, Giovanna’s art is as cold and geometric as the world we inhabit. An aseptic reality, made of pixels, as depersonalized as cruel.

From the worlds to the world by Giovanna Cerise

The first part of the installation represents nature, which I deliberately write with the minuscule “n.”
Nature now deprived of its identity and its old value. The man plagiarized her, he wanted her submissive to his power, thinking of chasing the wealth and the dominion of the other obsessively.

The central part of the artistic installation sketches a human form, with a curved back and a face that looks downwards towards the ground. It is a woman, also made of pixels, as well as the world around it. A woman without dignity, without identity … without a soul.
A woman without, a humanity without … sense.

From the worlds to the world by Giovanna Cerise

The final part of the installation represents the world as we know it today: cold, geometric, opportunistic, ruthless and chaotic.

Thanks to Giovanna for this installation that makes us reflect on the reality in which we live today.
The artist has put us in front of reality for what it is, in all its (cold) senselessness.


Diotima – Ocho & Cultura

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