Genus won and will be back (again!) tomorrow (04/09/2020)


GENUS PROJECT DMCA violation accuse. Anna Ivanova posted on her Facebook profile precisely 16 hours ago that all the lovers of mesh heads related to the Genus Project brand were waiting for: Genus has won, and every charge of DMCA violation has been withdrawn.

#genusstrong #genuswon I have won. Partially. But still I was able to prove that the truth is always on my side and it’s…

Pubblicato da Anna Ivanova su Mercoledì 2 settembre 2020
Genus spoilers! :D

But what exactly happened?

Anna explains it on her Facebook profile in this interesting post that summarizes these crazy months’ story. I say “crazy,” and I repeat it because it is unthinkable that a brand, a creator, has to face such difficulties without any proof of guilt, without any reasonable justification to close her store for months.
Let’s go with the order.

When I first heard that Genus had been accused of DMCA infringement, I was surprised that the accusation concerned all Genus products. This aspect is something that I have emphasized several times in my articles, because usually when someone decides to copy another creator, they do so with some items and not with all (unless they are a fool). Regarding Genus, the accusation concerned all the creations of their brand, and this aspect left me perplexed from the beginning.

Reading the narration of Anna’s events, I understand that someone, who hid behind fake names, accused Genus of DMCA violation, claiming that they would have copied the heads that their brand (under a fake name) had been selling for 13 years on the DAZ 3D Market. An accusation with no factual basis, since the advertising banner representing the allegedly copied head, had been uploaded for sale only a few days before the DMCA violation report to LL.

Luckily a good lawyer managed to resolve the matter by registering Genus products, which are finally protected by copyright. In this way, no one will be able to report the Genus for copyright infringement anymore, and any other accusation against this trademark will no longer be accepted.

What do we learn from this experience?
In my opinion, two important lessons: one for the creators and one for LL.
Creators should always register their creations to protect them from unfounded attacks. When products are registered and protected by copyright, LL receives a notification that will automatically reject any report for DMCA infringement.
The other lesson concerns LL: something must change in the way these reports are handled. It is unthinkable that they are a tool to sink a trademark, as happened in this case. A person invents a fake name, a fake trademark, and even a fake lawyer and manages to bring a creator in SL to his knees?
No, this is unacceptable.

Teleport to GENUS store (available since tomorrow, 04/09/2020).

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