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Giovanna Cerise guest at “Solo Arte” with “Allegories”, art installation in Second Life®

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The art of Giovanna Cerise is hosted by “Solo Arte” in these days for an art installation entitled “Allegories.”
I do not hide that Giovanna is one of my favorite artists in Second Life®, for a long series of excellent reasons.

She manifests her culture in the ability to create art in the virtual world.

Indeed, Giovanna Cerise teaches literature and music, in RL is a talented woman and with a high sensibility: you can quickly notice these two aspects in her art installations.
In particular, the latest exhibition by Giovanna is entitled “Allegories.”

What is an allegory?

In a strict sense, it is a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one. In a broader sense, you can also think about as graphics work or plastic depicting a concept.

The definition in a broad sense is undoubtedly the most appropriate to define the works by this (excellent) Italian artist.

Giovanna Cerise is a 3D artist who creates art through Blender. A problematic program that Giovanna has learned to become a self-taught artist.

Her works are always allegories, indeed.

Giovanna is not a “realistic” artist,” since she never realizes a simple reproduction of reality, but dissects matter (prims) depending on her mood and in this way, she communicates a feeling, a thought or an ideal through the abstract and geometric representation of forms.

An aspect that must not escape is the perfect symmetry of her forms, assembled in a clean, orderly and geometric method.

However, unlike other 3D and abstract artists, such as Jean Auer, for example, Giovanna mixes real elements with geometric shapes.

In fact, not all of her works are “pure abstraction,” but in some cases, they express the coexistence of abstract forms with real ones. Playing cards, chess, and nuts enrich the geometric structure in a very informative way, creating a high emotional impact to the observer.

I think it’s also fascinating how Giovanna Cerise uses color. She, in fact, often makes use of black and white on the forms that she sees as a “background” (in the installation), to give color to that or those structures that play a leading role in the scene. Altogether, abstract and real forms, as well as suitably dosed color, give rise to an allegory, in a flexible way that expresses a concept, indeed.

The artworks exhibited in “Solo Arte” sim are all over 16, and they are presented very well in various parts of the sim, to give prominence and importance of the works in the landscape of the location.

“Solo Arte” is, at this moment (11/08/2017), in Editor Picks (favorite sites from Linden Lab).

During the visit, it is essential to pay attention to the titles of the works, because they help in the understanding of the message that the artist wants to share.

You could also decide to buy some artworks: they are on sale at “Solo Arte.”

Congratulations to Giovanna for this beautiful exhibition, which expresses her exquisite sensitivity to see the world.
If you have visited the exhibition of Giovanna, I invite you to leave a comment and share your thoughts … enjoy your visit!



Where: Solo Arte

Title: “Allegories”

Artist: Giovanna Cerise

Other Artists in the Gallery: Mistero Hifeng




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