IASWAS Groenland Kangamiut, I feel at home

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The snow relaxes me, maybe because inevitably reminds me of the best times of life, those of childhood. Look out upon waking and seeing snowing was one of the happiest moments because the “mind flew” to the endless entertainment possibilities it offered.
When I see landscapes like that of IASWAS, I feel at home: colorful houses, a small marina, a few shops and a path that leads to the highest area, where there is the church and where the snow becomes denser.


Everything in this landscape penetrates the soul, generously giving feelings of peace and well-being.
Today I chose to do a bike ride, and I took a flight to the bicycle hire. Take the uphill snowy trail is a bit difficult, but there you do it if you do not hurry.


Getting to the top is a great satisfaction, mainly because there is a space to enjoy the view from above through binoculars, a classics ones and a little old for tourists.


The mind wandered to memories of childhood when I lived in a similar location, and there were few people. My parents took me on long walks, and walking was an essential part of my day; you took the car when you could not do otherwise.


I remember when time seemed would never pass and the young and reassuring faces of my parents. Now I look at this landscape alone, imagining that my father is with me and see as I remember him with affection and yearning melancholy. I will tell about it to my mom tomorrow.


IASWAS, Groenland Kangamiut

Oema Pralou

Oema Pralou

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