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Holly Kai Park, art exhibition August 6th-11th 2017

I am delighted to be invited by Inara to visit the artistic exhibition hosted at Holly Kai Park. The artists who expose their artworks in this week, August 6th-11th 2017, are:

Dido Haas

Cecilia Nansen Mode and Jes Mode (“The Modes”)

Diamond Marchant


Walking around this pleasant park, I could take all biographies about the artists I mentioned above, to know them better. Luckily, there is a bio for each artist, so it’s possible to explore their activity in Second Life® and follow them in their future exhibitions

Luckily, there is a bio for each artist, so it’s possible to investigate their activity in Second Life® and follow them in their actual others and future exhibitions.

The first artist is a friend.

Dido Haas

I know Dido since years, and I had the pleasure to write about art exhibitions curated by her at Nitroglobus Roof Art Gallery.

Now the focus is on her art; she loves to take pictures, mainly black and white snapshots.

She exposes three photos, all seductive and intense. The female body is her subject, and she presents it, showing a unique detail, some that involve the visitor.

Dido shows herself directly, using these words:

In January 2016 I started my own gallery, Nitroglobus Hall coz my beloved partner, lover, teacher, inspiration Nitro Fireguard passed away in RL. I am keeping him close in my heart, and in my gallery, as Nitro’s awesome mesh sculptures are still on display at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.

Being so busy with curating and with the music events at the Sunday Cafe of Nitroglobus, I have little time left to make work myself. When I do, my pictures show visitors, exhibitions and parties @ my gallery.

However, now and then when I am in the right mood I do make photos, in which my avi or parts of my avi are always the topic.

For more information about Dido, you can take the note card just clicking on the board at the entrance of her exhibition.

Cecilia Nansen Mode and Jes Mode (“The Modes”)

I enjoyed their photos; they are an expression of love, life, and fun.

A couple who loves to share their intimate and happy moments is a joy for the soul. The notecard (you can get it clicking as usual on the board) describe their photo style with these words:

For this exhibition, they join up as one, calling themselves – The Modes.
The collection named “One Love, One Life”, shown on both stands, represents a long life of a couple in love and is created by the two working together.

The Modes are a combination of the cold North and the warm South. The dramatic and the calm. The expressive and the subtle. Together they are tied by a deep and profound connection, which shows in their pictures, both when working together, as well as individually.

Jes has a history of photography in RL with some knowledge as well as experience. He restarted after some years as a photographer, this time in SL and is slowly finding his own style and personal expression, with mainly black and white pictures.

Cecilia started a little over a year ago as a SL photographer and is slowly finding her own style, still experimenting and learning day by day.

Together they support, mentor, teach and are each others first filter of approval in a balance of synergy and seeing each other grow.

As before, for more information, you can get a nice note card about these artists.

Diamond Marchant

Interesting show by Diamond Marchant; you need to keep attention to the various information that you can find at the bottom of the black base, with three links: Exhibit info, Cassini’s Grand Finale Web, Cassini’s Grand Finale Video.

Also, you can get the info notecard clicking on the board, like for previous artists.

Diamond speaks about herself:

In real life, I am a photographer and software developer. In SL, I create boat and sail textures for the sailing community as well as numerous fishing products. “Spacecraft modeling” is a new thing for me. My first effort was a mars lander that appeared at SL13B. I was inspired to build the Cassini orbiter after seeing the 3D model on their website and noticing that the shapes on the orbiter are similar to the shapes you can make out of system prims.

So a similitude with the Second Life® building tools attracted her to realize this orbiter shape.

Second Life Art

Finally, you can get more information about Cassini orbiter watching this video:



Wintegeist is a Real Life photographer who likes photography also in SL®.

She introduces herself:

Making pictures is, for me, a way of life…..
I go through life seeing motives. Some of them speak up to me, calling me to capture them.
RL-, Game- and SL-Photography are one and the same for me. A motive is there and has to be captured.
Some said to me that I am to spread out, that I get diluted by doing so many things.
But I can’t stop, I have to make pictures. (…)

What do I like in pictures? I do love colors – strong colors, contrast and a motive that is more than the simple “My avatar in front of fancy background”. Mostly I don’t know beforehand what kind of picture I want to do.
When I see a motive I get a vague idea of angle and composition and I try to capture that. Sometimes it works, but I am far from perfect.
I haven’t reached my goal to make the perfect picture. I guess that is even something no one can achieve….. but, you can try.

Her style is minimalist, and her subjects are various. She doesn’t use a lot of colors; she is minimalist also in this aspect.

For more information about her SL® activity, feel free to take her note card clicking on the board.

I appreciated this art exhibition for the very different styles of these artists. Also, the idea of an art show in a park is beautiful.


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