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15 thoughts on “How to Create Clothes for Second Life: import MAITREYA DEV KIT to MARVELOUS DESIGNER (part. 2)

  1. oh also its a good idea to pose the manaquin in blender to have a wider stance to easily fit undergarments too before exporting to marvelous designer!. I ported 2… 1st with standing normal 2nd with the wide stance just a lil tip!

  2. Ciao, io ho scaricato il developer kit dal link che hai fornito ma il file non me lo fa importare in marvelous designer, io non ho windows ma ho Mac, non credo ci sia differenza però, puoi spiegarmi meglio se non è troppo disturbo?

  3. You are a saint for what you do. My only issue was when I deselected the “piercing body layer”, there is no clothing layer. Maybe something simple I’m doing wrong? Thank you for your hard work!!!

  4. Hello, nice video thank you I like your tutorials … I hope that you'll do more videos about rigging, texturing,and how to import creations from marvelous designer into blender, cause you works with recent versions of blender or marvelous designer, and it's awesome because I can easily understand what you are doing and follow all the steps…

    So see you on your next videos!!!

  5. Ho seguito tutti i passaggi e mi appare il bottone Maitreya Lara in Avastar ma quando clicco non succede nulla. Hai nessuna idea su come possa accadere?

  6. Hey I am learning a lot from your videos (including italian haha) but I have the very newest version of blender/avastar and i dont know how to get the old version. and i just have no idea at all how to get that sidebar you have up on your screen on the left …. i am completely stuck

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