How To Get Realism In Second Life

Hello guys, in this video, I am going to show you how to build a credible and realistic location in Second Life.

Whatever you are going to realize, your home as well a whole sim, what you want to get is realism.

Why? You should ask.

Pretty simple. Because people like realism, people search realism since realism feels us like being there, like being in the virtual world. 

People usually search two things in Second Life:

  • An ambient that feels them like inside the virtual world (so very realistic);
  • An ambient that feels them good that feels them happy to enter in Second Life.

In other words, people want to feel good inside a world that seems the reality, and that gives them what they can’t obtain in their existence.

For example, I live in an urban ambient, and I would love to live in a nature-contact, in a good-eye landscape, enjoying natural sounds. Unluckily actually is impossible for me living in this way, and for this reason, I enjoy a whole homestead built to satisfy my need (feeling happy in nature-contact).

So, how can you obtain this goal? How can you build a home, a parcel, or a whole sim looking so realistic to seem real? Is it possible in Second Life, or just Sansar can give you this realism?

Let’s start also saying Second Life can give an incredible realism even if, of course, just Sansar can offer a better result.

There are so many stores in Second Life can offer realism and low Land Impact at the same time. You will like to explore them, choosing your favorites items to decor your space.

So, let’s start to see step by step what you need to do to build your location as realistic as possible.

Assuming you are creating a whole sim (if you want to decore your home, no worries, go forward to steps 2, 3, and 5 when I talk about decoring), let’s see what you need to do.

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The Rusty Nail

Step 1: Choose your ground textures. Choosing your ground textures is the first step you need to do, and it’s one of the most important. Why? Because you will build your space starting from this aspect. So you need to know if you want to create a beach, a mountain, or a lake ambient (to say), before starting to choose your textures. 

I suggest you search for your ideal ambient real images on Google. Searching real photos will help you to know the strategy better to realize your project. When you see the landscape you want, you will need to buy the perfect textures fixed your needs. On my blog, I will share with you my favorite stores to help you reach your goal. You can also download the guide to find the stores I mentioned above quickly. Just click on the link to my blog in the description of this video to download and consult it any time you like.

Step 2: Choose your building style. What you want to create, an elegant ambient or a rustic one? An urban landscape or a natural one? And so on. Another crucial start-point, since what you will do it depends on these choices. On my blog, I will share with you some incredible stores that can fit your needs, whether you like to get an elegant and refined style or a minimal and rustic one.

Step 3: Choose just copy/modify objects. This aspect is crucial since you will need to change the items your rez. It’s evident since it’s challenging, a piece is perfect for your landscape: you will probably need to modify it to let it integrate into your landscape.

Step 4: Landscape, landscape, landscape! Let’s start to edit terrain, keeping in mind your style and the real images you choose for your inspiration. Try to edit in a more realistic way as possible. The reality is not regular, so don’t be regular and don’t create a unique flattened ground, but choose to do altitude jumps. They give lots of realism to your place and make the landscape evocative if you don’t know how to landscape, no worries! In the description of this video, you can find the link to my blog, where I share several videos about editing terrain in Second Life. 

Step 5: Put your items to decorate the sim realistically. Remember: reality is not regular, so don’t be! Around the grid, I found out several locations (also for renting) building in a too regular way to not be realistic. For example, you are putting identical rocks all adjacent. Stones are never similar and not necessary adjacent. Like before and once again, the better strategy is viewing real landscape images before decorating. 

Step 6: when you have finished or also during decorating, be sure to think about how many prims you need for decoring and how many you need to get free. Moreover, it’s true if you don’t own a full sim but just a homestead.

So, if you don’t have enough prims, level the ground and give space to water. You will get a lovely landscape without using many prims.

Give life to a realistic ambient is not easy, moreover if you don’t have many prims. In Second Life, we have some excellent examples of destinations where the creator realized this goal.

Click on my blog in the description of this video to get the SLURL to these great locations. See you in the next video!

Step 7: Windlight Settings. Windlisght Settings have to be realistic, in tune with the ambient you realized. On my blog, I put some high stores that sell their windlight settings.

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