How to protect yourself from STALKERS in Second Life

Whatever happens when a person bothers you in SecondLife? How can you defend yourself when the enemy is invisible? What can you do when someone is bothering you within your game every day? Let’s find out this and some other important questions together.

Stalking in SecondLife is diffuse, since like every Social Platform, people who hide behind a monitor, tend to be more aggressive in general. It’s demonstrated that also people who never be uneducated in a real situation, in a social platform can assume a different behavior. Moreover, who is usually hostile in a physical circumstance, in a social network, can become something similar to a “stalker.”

What do I mean for a SecondLife Stalker? A SecondLife Stalker is someone who uses the virtual environment to bother someone who becomes his target. The reason this happens can be different: one of the common causes is a broken relationship. An ex-partner starts to annoy her or his previous love in most cases to obtain he or she returns, especially if the ex now has a new partner.

In some cases, the person who wants to bother pays someone else to do the dirty job. The mandatory fill the PostePay of the executor to obtain his favors.
We are exploring the Second Life dark-side: in some cases, especially if the target is breakable, this deplorable behavior produces huge psychological damages.

So, are you a victim of a stalker? What can you do to protect yourself?

Let’s start to say that, if someone thief your account, you have to open a ticket to Linden Lab to obtain your account immediately back. See in the description of this video to find all the useful links to help you in this situation. No worries, each person who had his account thieves, obtained his avatar back. So, take a brief, open a ticket and wait for an answer trustful.

The avatar’s theft is the most common and not so problematic way of stalking. The only problematic case when someone steals an account is when the thief deletes your items from your inventory. This one is the single case when it’s impossible to retrieve your objects. Instead, if the thief returns all your items in your place, you can ask and obtain from Linden Lab a roll-back. In this way, you can return to a specific moment when all in your location was okay.

Another way to bother someone is to type him every single moment he logs in. It’s challenging, so it rarely happens, but if someone starts to annoy in this way, you have to mute him. How? Open his profile and click on “mute.” In this way, if the person writes to you, you don’t read what he wrote to you, but he receives a message that you muted him. So he can create a new account to type you, and you won’t like this. The best solution is to disable the self-response that notify to the typer you muted him. How can you do it? Easy, open the preferences tab, so CTRL+P, and open the privacy settings. Now go to auto-responses and uncheck the option “disable the autoresponse for muted avatars.” In this way, the person who writes you doesn’t receive any message you muted him, and he thinks you are ignoring his words. This one is the key: he thinks you are ignoring his words. Why? Because he doesn’t receive an answer even though you received the message. So, uncheck the auto-response for muted avatars, remember, it’s imperative.

Another way to bother someone is by creating a false profile with the display name of the target and fill the profile with false and offensive information about him. In some cases, the stalker starts to create groups to offend the target and invites people who are friends or known by the victim. You can open a ticket to Linden Lab, but in most cases, it will ignore you. Linden Lab receives many tickets and needs to select what it can respond to and solve and what it can’t. I suppose this one is the reason, in any case, it usually ignores them. So, how to solve it? Do you have to contact every single person to inform about what’s happening? Ask all your groups to send a notice to inform all members, when the stalker joins your group to offend you? Absolutely, NO.
The first thing to do is hiding your groups from your profile. Nobody knows you are in the group if you don’t show the groups list, so protect them. How can you do it? Open every single group and uncheck the options shown on your profile, in this way (watch the video). The better practice is to keep always hidden your groups, so nobody knows where you joined.
The second thing to do is taking a huge breath and don’t fall in the temptation to inform anyone in SL about what’s happing to you. Open a ticket if you like, and stop.
If some of your contacts ask you about something strange received from you, talk to him about what’s happing with calm. Your contacts will admire you a lot!

That’s all! Have you ever bother in this way? What do you think? Let me know in a comment, and if you think my videos are useful, subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

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