How to remove the GREEN SCREEN in the easiest possible way: Second Life Photography Tutorial

I’ve learned today the Skip Staheli’s technique to remove the green screen without any green halos.

In this way, you will be able to remove the green screen in the easiest possible way. Fix the green halos quickly, without creating an alpha or a clipping mask.

Watch Skip Staheli’s Video

How to do: step-by-step

  • Open the image with the green-screen;
  • Go to “Selection” → “hue/saturation
  • Pick-up the green-screen from your image using the dropper;
  • Adjust the “tolerance” until you can perfectly see just your avatar’s shape;
  • Click “ok” when you are happy with it;
  • Now go to “Selection” → “Inverse” and press CTRL+J;
  • Use the polygonal Lazo to select just the outline of your avatar’s hair (watch the video to better understand);
  • Finally, go to Image Adjustments Hue/Saturation and select “green” from the drop-down menu where you read “composite.” Adjust saturation, hue, and brightness until you get the same color of your hair.

Tips from Skip Staheli about this method

He says:

It works mostly perfect.. only have to be more precise when there is a lot of green in clothes or avatar makeup/eyes etc…so when you see with a photoshoot someone is wearing a lot of green, you can choose bright pink/magenta as background.. and then do the same trick.. that works too

Skip Staheli

That’s all! For more details and a better explanation watch my Youtube video.

My Youtube Video

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