KekeLand, nature, and lots of creativity in a unique place

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I came across Kekeland looking for professionally built places with attention to detail and overall credibility. Lately, I’m exploring the creations of Terry Fotherington (on Facebook), aka Dandy Warhol (on Flickr). In the coming months, I intend to know other landscapers and visit (where possible) their creations inworld.

I say “where possible” as the person who commissions a job to a landscaper is not always willing to leave their region open to visitors. In many cases, those who pay for such work want to close the region for their own benefit. It is a choice, just as it can leave the region open and allow travelers to enjoy an exceptional panorama made with professionalism and creativity to sell.

Kekeland is a 30k region admirably created by Dandy Warhol. Nature is the predominant aspect, certainly the most attractive one according to my point of view. The overall setting describes a village where life is on a human scale, in contact with chickens, ducks, sheep, dogs, and animals of various types. The natural landscape is consistent; there are no burrs or elements out of context. The high mountains surrounding the region are impressive and beautiful to admire from any angle.

The houses are sporadic, but the few existing are furnished with a wealth of details to impress. Although the buildings are not excellent, how they have been furnished also makes the construction simpler a jewel that you would like to own.

The sounds of nature are carefully chosen and carefully arranged throughout the region regarding the type of flora and fauna present.

If you are not moved by art, a landscape, a new life just born; More than anything, you don’t live.

(Arli3, Twitter)

The creation of a virtual landscape is an art form, without a doubt. When it is made with such incredible precision and great creativity that it is exceptional in a broad context of virtual panoramas, it itself becomes art.

Finally, Kekeland also offers a beautiful live music venue called Kami Lounge that seems to be active: at the entrance you can find useful references related to the programming of musical events.

Unfortunately, there do not appear to be any groups that are entitled to join. I have not even found Flickr groups dedicated to photography of this beautiful destination; I believe that traffic and popularity are not the primary purposes of the region’s owner, Belle des Champs (Bridget.Genna).

Nature and landscape lovers will find in Kekeland a wonderful place to spend some free time in absolute relaxation.



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