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Lilium is the art exhibition hosted in the sky by Daphne Arts Gallery and organized by SheldonBR and Angelika Corral.
This is an experience, so it’s important to follow the instructions that the same sim offers right on arrival at the landing point.

These instructions are, in fact, simple:
1) Accept the HUD: Upon arrival, you will be asked to accept the experience and HUD that serves to interact with artistic exposure; you need to accept to fully appreciate the experience.
2) Set the Windlight correctly: you can choose the setting manually by searching “greyskymoon,” or automatically setting in Firestorm: Preferences> Firestorm> Windlight and enabling the option “automatically changes the environment to use region settings/parcel.
3) Enable advanced light settings by going to Preferences> Graphics> and selecting the “Advance lighting model” option.
4) Finish these settings, you can begin to visit the exhibition, crossing the nave of the Church, and approaching each lily to showcase the artistic work it cares for.

I was curious to know what the idea has led to this project, so I visited the Daphne Art Gallery web page to better understand the title and meaning of the show.

First of all, the exhibition is inspired by number 7 and its meaning in history. Pythagoras, the father of numerology, was quoted as considering the number 7 the most sacred and powerful of all numbers.
Capital sins are 7 as well as 7 virtues that counteract temptation to evil.

In harmony with this theme, the artists invited to exhibit their works are 7 in detail:

Angelika CorralFenrisHarbor GalaxyMagic MarkerInexorablyKimeu KamollaSheldon Bergman


The lily also represents purity and chastity, which is why the archangel Gabriel offered Mary a lily of the immaculate conception.

The artistic exhibition “Lilium” expresses this purity, this innocence, and candor, using mainly white color. This principle applies also to the images proposed by the various artists, with some relevant exceptions. One of my favorites is by Harbor Galaxy, which features a red-haired woman with wings (an angel, we can suppose) and a very clear complexion, walking naked, slightly curved forward. Her look seems lost and frightened. The context surrounding the young woman is dark; this would make us think of the woman’s purity confronted with the dumbest aspects of the world. Harbor images are taken in Second Life®, but presented so as to look like paintings.


Angelika Corral is always among my favorite artists, her pictures are a delight to the eyes and the soul and the image she presents in this show is no exception.


Finally, Silas Merlin’s 3D works embellish the open space where images are offered to the public.

I remind you to visit the exhibition with the HUD worn, listening to the proposed music. The HUD also reveals the name of the artist and work as you approach the image.


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