“Look Realistic” Series #1: Genus Classic Face and Deetalez Skin Appliers

One of the most exciting aspects in Second Life is the chance to give realism to our avatar. It’s not so hard if you know where to go and how to search.

I am introducing a new look category on my blog: “Look Realistic.” Like the name suggests, I’m going to bring some ideas to look more realistic as possible with the best resource I’ve found in SL.

The first look I am going to cover is realized with the Genus Classic Bento Mesh Head and the Deetalez Skin Applier.

You can also find my shape that fits all the items above with Maitreya Lara Body Shape. I don’t have any other body at the moment, so I can’t create forms that fit right with other trademarks. Sorry.

Genus Classic Bento Mesh Head

The Classic Bento Mesh Head is the first one created with the original beta project. I got the chance to have this one and the Baby Face at the discounted price of 3600 L$. And I am happy about this.

  • Version: number (1.6) (at this moment)
  • Price: 5500 L$
  • Demo: The Demo versions are available and usable just at the mainstore. So, if you go elsewhere, after wearing the demo, all will vanish very soon.
  • Head parts: rigged eyes, teeth, tongue, and neck fix.
  • HUD: you can find two HUDs in the package, big and small size for your needs. I’ve published the graphics instruction to give you, guys, the opportunity to know fast how to do what you like to. See the image “Genus Classic Bento Mesh Head Instructions.” In summary, you can find:
    • Genetics Tab: you can customize hairbase, brows, eyelashes, beauty marks, teeth, tongue, eyes, sclera, and lacrimal.
    • Cosmetics Tab: you can customize your makeup choosing from lots of types. Specifically, you have eyeliners, eyeshadows, tattoos, blush, and lipstick.
    • Settings Tab: you can customize neck, teeth, eyes, lashes, and ears. You also have teeth and tongue add-ons.
  • Layers Control Slide Tab: you can tint and remove layers, while hairbase, eyelashes, eyeshadow, tattoo, blush, lipstick, eyes sclera, lacrimal, neck, and skin.
  • Freeze Body Slide Tab: this is crucial for photographers: here, you can freeze your body, eyes, and lips in a quiet position.
  • Basic Animation HUD: the HUD includes 22 mocap animations and 6 faces static expressions.
  • Skin Appliers: the head comes with 3 skin tones, Honey, Toffee, and Brownie. Note: in the mainstore you can find excellent quality new skins. You need the Skinnery Body Appliers to match the skin the head comes with and any other Genus Project Skin.

Genus Project Main Links

“Rafaela” by Deetalez Skins Applier (worn on Genus Classic Head)

I choosed “Rafaela” for this first look since it’s realistic, in my opinion. Deetalez Skin Appliers are costly respect other skin appliers main store. The quality is excellent, in my opinion.

Deetalez Skins Applier Main Links

Important ethical concerns

This post is not promotional. I don’t write about these stores because I receive items or money from them, just because I like them.

“Look Realistic Series” #1: My Shape

You can find my shape for 10 L$ about this look on Marketplace following this link: VIRTUALITY Shape look Realistic #1

It can be a good start point to customize your look.

If you have ideas, suggestions, or just you like to tell me something, don’t hesitate to comment this post.

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