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I was invited by DiXmiX Source, the owner and artistic curator of the DiXmiX art gallery, to visit “Masquerade,” the last exhibition currently on display and open since June, 20th.
Masquerade is a problematic term to render in Italian, perhaps the expression that comes closest to the real meaning is “mascherata, ballo in maschera”.
The theme, as the name suggests, is the “mask,” understood in a broad sense. Not only the traditional mask but every form of concealment of the face, then makeup, helmets, hoods and various objects typical of games for adults.
The artistic exhibition hosts the following photographers:

  • Algezares (III)
  • Aniki Seetan
  • ByrneDarkly Cazalet
  • Calypso Applewhyte
  • Catherine Nikolaidis
  • Edie horngold
  • Ember Adored
  • Gaus
  • Génesis Rodriguez
  • Guen Gothly
  • Izabela Navarathna
  • JⒶGgŸ ღ
  • Kimmy Littleboots
  • Kimmy Ridley
  • Kriʐze Sparrowhawk
  • Laura Mrs S
  • Lou ShAdoW
  • Maloe Vansant
  • Megan Prumier
  • mila maesar
  • Ornella Batriani
  • Pam
  • Purple Leonis
  • Ryleigh Theas
  • Shocoon
  • Sinon Valle
  • sσηιc
  • Tania Tebaldi
  • Tiya Aura
  • Tralala Loordes
  • Valenska Voljeti
  • Vallys
  • Wicca Merlin
  • and Dixmix Source

It is well known that photography is a flourishing activity in Second Life. I’m not referring only to fashion bloggers (who post mostly only photographs, not adding text, if not credits). I’m referring to people who are passionate about photography and who, for the pure pleasure of exhibition and image processing, realize creative and eclectic works.
Masquerade is a lively and “cheerful” exhibition, if I may say so.
Usually, the idea of a mask is associated with negative thoughts and feelings: lies, deception, falsehood in general.
Visiting the DiXmiX art gallery, you don’t get this impression, on the contrary. The colors are often bright, and even the black and white images transmit fun and pleasure.
I really liked the idea of a themed exhibition, I hope that DixmiX will realize further exhibitions with this thematic style.

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