‘Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond’ Comes to Quest 2 Next Week With Cross-buy

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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, first launched on PC VR headsets last year, is coming to Quest 2 next week. Cross-buy is confirmed, meaning players that bought the game on Oculus PC will own the Quest 2 version as well.

Oculus today announced that Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has November 15th release date on Quest 2. The release includes the full content of the PC VR version of the game, including the campaign, multiplayer mode, and the live-action WWII documentary series that was produced in conjunction with the game. The game will launch with a reduced priced of $40 (compared to the $60 PC VR version).

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond will support Quest 2 but not the original Quest. Oculus has confirmed cross-buy with the Oculus PC version, so if you already owned the game there you’ll be able to play on Quest 2 for free. Unfortunately cross-play multiplayer is not supported.

You can wishlist the game on the official store page to be reminded when it launches.

Along with the announcement of the Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond release date next week, we also got a clearer look at the Quest 2 version of the game thanks to new screenshots:

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Be sure to make room on your Quest 2 though, especially if you have the smallest 64GB model—Oculus has confirmed that Medal of Honor Above and Beyond will take up about 45GB of space on Quest 2.

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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond was developed by Respawn Entertainment—the studio behind iconic games like Titanfall and Apex Legends—and was one of the most anticipated Oculus-funded titles to date. While we didn’t exactly love the game at launch, a handful of post-launch patches have smoothed over some of the rough spots and we expect those improvements to be included in the Quest 2 version of the game. With no tether and less friction to jump into the game on Quest 2 compared to PC VR, we hope to see the game’s multiplayer mode find a sustainable population.

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