‘Men in Black’ Location-based VR Experience to Debut at Dreamscape in October

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Location-based VR destination Dreamscape and Sony Pictures Virtual Reality announced they’re launching a new VR experience that puts you and five other friends in the shoes of the Men in Black: First Assignment.

Called Men in Black: First Assignment, the experience is debuting at Dreamscape’s flagship location in the LA-based Westfield Century City shopping center on Friday, October 1st, 2021.

Here’s Dreamscape’s description of the experience:

Suit up, agents! Your first assignment awaits. The Zarthanian royal family needs protection from an evil Octopoid plot that could destroy the entire universe – and you’re just the team of new recruits for the job! As a freshly minted agent, you’ll have access to our secret command center, plus a helping hand (or paw) from Frank the Pug and a team of friendly aliens. The dreaded Octopoids are in hot pursuit. So throttle up your hoverbikes. You’ll need to work together to find the space portals, keep the royal family out of tentacle’s reach, and return everyone safely to Planet Zarthania!

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General admission to the experience is priced at $23.50, with the full experience slated to last approximately 35 minutes from beginning to end including check-in and fitting VR gear. Dreamscape says all participants must be at least 48 inches (122 cm) tall and 10+ years old, with those under age 13 requiring an adult.

It’s likely we’ll see the MIB experience roll out to its other Dreamscape locations; the company currently operates four locations spread across California, Ohio, Texas and Dubai.

Founded in 2016, Dreamscape has been fairly lucky to have secured a reported $30.6 million Series C financing in February 2020, or just mere days before the COVID-19 pandemic put a near universal stop to all in-person activities and events. Now nearly two years later, it seems both Dreamscape and Sony feel that it’s time to pick up where they respectively left off.

Sony has previously worked to bring its historical catalogue of IP to virtual reality, both in the out-of-home sector and direct to consumers. It’s licensed films such as Groundhog Day, Zombieland, Ghostbusters, and Jumaniji for VR experiences.

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