Welcome to Natthimmel, a creative and inspiring sim that transports visitors back in time to the Neolithic era. Based on the remarkable archaeological site of Göbekli Tepe in southeastern Turkey, Natthimmel features megalithic architecture consisting of T-shaped pillars carved with images of animals such as serpents, foxes, and boars. These carvings work together to produce meanings that were probably associated with rituals and other culturally important events.

One of the earliest known man-made constructions, Göbekli Tepe is remarkable for its complexity, which is unusual for that period of prehistory. It was built by hunters and gatherers, communities that generally did not create such sophisticated monuments. The site’s advanced and well-planned use of geometry reveals a mathematical expertise more usually associated with later periods of history. In this way, Göbekli Tepe is an unrivaled instance of the creativity, architectural sophistication, innovative building techniques, and advanced planning in the Neolithic.

Natthimmel brings this remarkable site to life, with stunning textures and attention to detail that make it a truly immersive and enchanting experience. The combination of nature and stone is beautifully balanced, creating a harmonious and peaceful environment that captures the essence of the ancient world. The sim’s title, which means “Night Sky” in Swedish, captures the mood and time of the Neolithic era.

The creators of Natthimmel, Konrad (kaiju.kohime) & Saskia Rieko are the talented artist behind the textures, have truly outdone themselves with this sim. The high-quality work is evident in every aspect of the sim, from the T-shaped pillars to the animals carved into the stone. The interpretation of the time and mood is masterful, transporting visitors to a world that existed over 11,000 years ago.

Natthimmel is open to everyone, and we invite you to explore this magical space at your leisure. Visit our Flickr account to see the stunning images that visitors have captured while exploring Natthimmel, and join our Flickr group to submit your own pictures and connect with other members of our community. If you want to rezz objects, be sure to join our land group for rezzing rights.

Natthimmel is more than just a historical recreation; it’s a place where you can let your imagination soar, take stunning photographs, and connect with other like-minded people who share your love of beauty and creativity.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the opening of Natthimmel

and exploring the wonders of the Night Sky.

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