Partners Request, Conditions and Rules

If you like to be a partner with my blog, you can send me a request using this form:

If you send me and information that it’s useful for the Second Life Community, I will post it without any payment.
If you ask me for a promotion doing videos, sharing on Social Media to get the best result, here are my prices:

  • Short Video Review → A short video (less than 5 minutes), informative without being a “tutorial” >> 3000 L$
  • Long Video Tutorial → A video (more than 5 minutes), informative being a “tutorial” >> 5000 L$.

Half of the price before the start, and the other half one when the work will be finished.

Due to recent unpleasant events, I must write some important partners rules.

  • If you don’t like something I wrote, you can ask me to remove the post, and I will do it immediately.
  • If you contact me to promote a project, in the case you totally or in some relevant parts change it, I can remove my promotional post.
  • If you change your project in relevant parts (it’s your right, of course), you should inform me. In this way, I can update my posts; if you don’t contact me, I will consider this behavior a lack of seriousness, and I won’t promote your projects anymore (plus I will also remove my promotional posts). I spend much time to encourage projects I like, so if you don’t inform me, you don’t respect me.

Thanks for reading,


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