PrimsinMusic @LEA4 – Tribute to Kandinsky

PrimsinMusic is the art installation created by Aloisio Congrejo and Moki Yuitza for the Linden Endowment for the Art.
It is a tribute to the famous artist Kandinsky.
The installation is created with inventiveness and creativity.
If you look at the installation from below and listen to the sounds (as indicated in the tips distributed at Landing Point), you can enjoy the color, music, and movement.
Walking in different spaces is regenerating and intriguing.
But it is by observing the installation from above that the magic happens.
And here the “circle closes” for the observer: Ladies and Gentlemen… Kandinsky!
I recommend visiting the awesome installation at LEA4 before it closes at the end of June.

Windlight Settings

“Bryn Oh’s BOX MetaLES” and high/ultra graphic settings with ALM and projectors active.

Teleport to PrimsinMusic

Teleport to The Location

About Kandinsky

The musical synesthesia and the problem of the relationship sound-color was, therefore, a common thread between many artists … but surely with his works and his experiences of life, Kandinsky represents the most refined and elaborate conceptualization.

– Arianna Cedrone

PrimsinMusic Video

Just Another Virtual Explorer!
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