Linden Lab has introduced some subcategories in the ‘art‘ section of Second Life Destinations. In particular, the Art section is now divided as follows.


  • galleries
  • exhibits & installations
  • photo studios
  • theatres & performances
New subcategories in the Art section of the Second Life Destinations Page

Any addition that enriches the variety of offerings for the visitor is very welcome, of course.

One addition that, in my opinion, would be interesting to see in Second Life Destinations is “Magazines.” Magazines about SL are indeed many, and all of them deserve their own category. By the way, most of the magazines have their own location, an editorial office, where you can pick up the kiosk that landers can put on their region. It should also be borne in mind that magazines perform an important information function, capture the reader’s attention, and perform an essential aggregation function.

We look forward to this, but in the meantime, we thank Linden Lab for this classification, which (further) highlights artistic activity in Second Life.

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