Second Life fashion bloggers: How to create beautiful pictures that reflect reality

Second Life Fashion Bloggers

Second Life Fashion bloggers share images related to the items he receives for free from creators. A fashion blogger is not an advertiser: the main relationship he/she should take care of is between him/her and his/her readers, and not between him/her and the creators.

In this article, we talk about the result of the survey I proposed some time ago, which you can read by clicking on the link below.

Let’s look at the result of the survey, before we do some thinking together.

As you can see, the result favors ethical fashion blogging, that is, a way of proposing images that gives a true-to-life idea of the product the fashion blogger hopes to promote.

But why does this doubt arise: if a fashion blogger alters reality with his/her images?

Well, if you browse Flickr and, in particular, the groups dedicated to fashion bloggers, you immediately realize that several fashion bloggers alter images using Photoshop or other graphics programs to better present the products they have received for free.
In some cases, this way of proceeding leads readers to take big cheats. What do you think is the consequence if a fashion blog reader buys a product that he discovers has been altered by the fashion blogger? That’s right, an immediate unfollow.

It may sound strange, but I still vividly remember (even though it happened 5 years ago) the first time (and only time) that I got ripped off because of a nicely altered image in Photoshop.
It was a shape: I bought it because the blogger image was spectacular, gave a sense of professionalism, and inspired confidence. I bought it without trying the demo. The image of the blogger was the same as that found on the vendor.
Needless to say, the shape was horrible, had nothing to do with photography, and I got furious.
Today, this store that sells shapes has changed its strategy and does not offer vendors with altered images but only raw shots. The negative comments and ratings accumulated over the years explain the reason for this choice: misleading advertising made with the use of images that do not reflect the real nature of the product.

The question you may be asking yourself is, is it possible to create images that have a certain visual and emotional impact without altering the items you want to promote?

The answer is yes. So let’s see what aspects any ethical fashion blogger might be interested in taking into consideration.

Setting the scene

Scene preparation is an essential aspect: if you prepare a scene carefully inworld, you won’t have to worry about correcting flaws in post-production. Let’s say the time you lose at this stage is the time you make up for later. The scene does not have to be a complex structure, made of backdrops and many objects. In the following photograph, my scene is just a beach in a location where I couldn’t fence. However, I had to pay attention to the movement of the waves that often generated an unrealistic scene. I shot until I captured the right moment.

Waiting for him

In this other photograph, the scene is a couch and a simple black background. I had to pay attention to the pillows going into the arm, the bracelet not being positioned realistically, the avatar’s position on the couch, and other small details.

Last night in the mind

Light Settings

Take great care of this aspect. Choose the windlight that you think is best for you by spending time browsing through the different presets and customizing them to suit your needs.


Shadows are a fundamental part of photography. If like me, you’re using Black Dragon, they might be a sore point since, using the default settings, you might see them jagged. I suggest you use the shadow panel by clicking on F1. It opens a panel on your right, scroll down until you find the shadows, and customize those values as best you can. There is no best preset; it all depends on the shot you are taking at that moment. I recommend you learn more by selling this video by Cassie Middles.


The originality of a shot can make a big difference. Again, I recommend spending time on it that will be made up for later. In Black Dragon, the camera rotation is wider than in Firestorm and traditional viewers, so you can count on more choices. Of course, everything can be done in post-production, but if I can get a good result inword, why not? For more insight, I recommend this video to talk about the camera in Firestorm and Black Dragon.

Small changes are allowed

If you want to embellish the photo in post-production without altering the dress, shoes, jewelry, or whatever you’re promoting, you can do that. You should always ask yourself before making an edit: does this post-production work alter the object’s true nature? Could it mislead the reader? If the answer is yes, it’s better not to edit anything.


Fashion blogging and photography, in general, is exciting work, but it requires dedication. And if you think that by adhering to the rules of ethical blogging you might not be successful, I suggest you take a look at Ashley’s blog and you’ll change the idea!

Ashley’s Blog

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