In Today’s Second Life video, I’m excited to show you the brand new Powder Pack for Men! Skins, Hairbases, Fatpacks & LELUTKA Heads! For landmarks click …


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24 thoughts on “SECOND LIFE | NEW Powder Pack for Men! Skins, Hair, Fatpacks | & LELUTKA Heads!

  1. I was blown away with the way your voice sounded in the intro hahaha Great finds for those who want to build up their avatars!! I am quite happy with mine atm so I think I'm sticking with it for now. But yeah great help for those looking to get a head, skin , eyes lips and hairbases!! Cheers Boston! And good luck to those entering the raffle! Hey any update on the 10K Manly Event giveaway??

  2. Great video and what a great offer! Curious…did you get a new mic as your voice sounded much richer than before (and your voice has always been sexy…just saying ;))

  3. I had pre-ordered this pack prior to this video but after your review Im happy with my purchase .As there was so much chat about this pack in LeLutka discord I hope you dont mind I shared your review citing you as the creator to the Vlog channel there .

  4. Thank you so much for posting about this, I was cautious to buy but love hearing all that in it.

    Will you be doing the men's powder pack each month ? Like showing what in them, because I love go know before buying each month as well.

    You're the best Boston!

  5. I get My pack Now have work make fit My shape You do excelent work with Boston i have do the same with Luis and create a new look i want go more palé and blond but with this pack have all the base to do. That thanks Boston great info and as always great content saludos desde Venezuela

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