Right now, I am in front of the entrance of the structure that will host the return after almost four years of Seth Regan SL Rock Star Mankind Tracer. The comeback of this singer intrigued me since I asked myself why LL gives so much prominence to a single singer. So I went to look for his YouTube Channel, where he presents his songs, his covers, and his various performances. I must admit that this singer is particularly great.

I’m not a music expert, but let’s say that everyone loves good music, and in some way, we all manage to perceive it. Seth plays the guitar and sings at the same time, and this aspect makes his performance very interesting. I don’t have much information about this singer since I haven’t been able to get more news from the artist’s staff, especially regarding his departure from the Second Life for almost four years. What I know I read like everyone else from other articles of the time in which Seth was used to performing in SecondLife. I read about the sad disappearance of his wife and his difficult subsequent period in which he had to take care of his children alone. But now we are celebrating his return, after some time, and I am sure that many will be present at his performance on Sunday. His comeback is partly financed by Linden, who made 4 SIM available for the occasion.

Out of curiosity, I’m also reading some comments published under the SecondLife destinations page related to the event. In particular, these comments refer to the fact that part of the proceeds from the event will go to the World Health Organization. Many of these comments criticize the fact that Linden’s policy on charity collections is unclear. Many people collect for charity and also obtain several positive results; however, rarely Linden Lab contributes directly by offering free SIMs. So many people commented wonder what the LL’s rules are, and why some people are privileged over others. Someone else has also criticized the fact that it is only a part of the proceeds will go to charity, while the other half will remain the singer. However, after yesterday’s LabGab video, where Ebbe Linden and Brett Linden attended, it is clear that the entire proceeds from the event will go to charity. For more details, see minute 45 of this LabGab video.

Beyond the controversies, I think that the event is essential because it allows people to listen to quality music and, at the same time, to do good. So I invite everyone to be present this Sunday, 29 March, at 2 PM SLT for the return of Seth Regan to SecondLife.

Seth Regan in Second Life Destinations

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