Beautiful. Exciting. Enchanting. Suggestive. Involving. I could go on forever to find adjectives like these ones to describe yesterday’s evening at SL 16B Music Fair.
The live performers for the first musical evening (Italian Time) were:

  • Parker Static
  • rч αnnє (Oxoryanneoxo)
  • Tempio Breil
  • Gabriel da Silva (gabryel nyoki)
  • Alazarin Mobius

Unfortunately, the lag (slowdown) due to many different causes (including of course a large number of people present), has created difficulties for many people, including me.
I was lucky enough to be able to record an acceptable video of the performance of Tempio Breil (in homage to my homeland, Italy).
While I was enjoying the shows, I discovered that some people shared on Facebook (but I also assume on other Socials) the live videos of the event.
In this way they also allowed other people to attend the show. So, the total number of spectators who appreciated yesterday’s live performances is much higher than the people present (there were already many).
In this post, I share with you guys the live broadcasts of last night and my video on Tempio Breil, with which I congratulate.

SL 16B Live Videos on Facebook

I particularly enjoyed the videos of Peetie Auer. Here they are for you.

Her videos are about live performers, some of today’s, 22/06/2019, who are:

  • Evely Lane
  • Zak Claxton
  • Dreama Summerwind 
  • Mimi Carpenter
  • Grif Bamaisin
  • Donn DeVore
  • Skye Galaxy

And some of yesterday’s, like above I wrote.

SL 16B Music Fair: Welcome Speech With Patch Linden

SL 16B Music Fair: Zak Claxton

SL 16B Music Fair: Evely Lane

More SL 16B Live Videos → Peetie Auer

You can watch more live videos visiting Peetie Auers Facebook Profile.

For a better quality, visit her YouTube Channel.

SL 16B: Tempio Breil

SL 16B Music Fair Calendar

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