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The Itakos Project Art Gallery, owned and artistically curated by Akim Alonzo, opened last night (Italian Time) the doors of the exhibition entitled “Soul Portrait” (Summer Black and White Edition).
As the title suggests, it is an exhibition of black and white portraits. The exhibiting artists are chosen by Akim by leafing through the evocative images of skilled photographers who exhibit their work on Flickr.

Exhibiting artists are:

  • Angelina Corral
  • Aver Osk
  • Aimee Cristole
  • Carolyn Diesel
  • Gabi Ka
  • Edie Horngold
  • Katia Lavecchia
  • -K- Lynag
  • Ktsyakumi
  • Isabela Navarathna
  • Saveria Rossini
  • Sunset Theas

Flickr is an excellent source for those looking for good photographers.
The names of many exhibiting artists were already known to me, in particular, I have long admired the creations of Aimee Cristole.
Visiting the current exhibition at the Itakos Art Gallery Project, I particularly appreciated the image called “1” by Edie Horngold: I believe that her pictures can be mistaken for real photographs.
Also -K- Lynagh deserves special attention, in my opinion. The technique of lighting the image of this photographer is interesting because it cleverly highlights the central part of the image that houses the face of the model.

Here are references to visit the exhibition.
At the end of the visit to this gallery, I invite you to look also at the other exhibition spaces that host exceptional artists.

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