SpeedLight and the new App for Android (works well, but has some flaws)

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On February 6, 2020, Speedlight announces on its Facebook page that it has released an app to access Second Life using Android.

As I had already said in my previous post in which I introduced SpeedLight, the company Smartbot, well known in SL for having created a professional bot management system, created this tool.

As known, Smartbot gives the possibility to purchase bots that automatically manage some activities which, within Second Life, should otherwise be carried out manually. 

Before the introduction of SpeedLight, the only way to access Second Life with your smartphone was to use an App called Lumiya. This app, very well made, has recently been abandoned to itself by its creator. It is still fully functional. However, the creator is not going to continue updating it, so we shouldn’t expect any update. For this reason, an alternative to Lumiya becomes essential. 

Thus was born SpeedLight, which, until recently, was only a web browser. Usable from PC, Windows, and Mac, can also be used on smartphones. Not as an app, but merely as a web browser. In early February, as I said, on February 6, SpeedLight releases its app. 

For the time being, you can use Speedlight only on Android.

In this post, I want to introduce a new app to access Second Life. I state that the app still has some flaws, in the sense that some activities are not possible, or rather, some are not yet possible. Such as entering the virtual world from a 3D perspective. Others would be possible, but still do not work, such as seeing your friends list, seeing IMs and groups. These are issues already raised on Discord, in the Smartbot group. The creator of SpeedLight is aware of these issues. 

SpeedLight and the new App for Android (works well, but has some flaws)
The Smartbot Discord Group, someone tells about some app’s flaws

Before introducing SpeedLight, through a video that I recorded directly from my smartphone, I would like to remember some aspects already highlighted in my introductory post to Speedlight.

To log in, you must first create an account on their site. So we will have to register, create our account, and choose a password. Once this is done, inside SpeedLight, we can add our Avatars. We can add more than one avatar to our SpeedLight account. The password to access Second Life is the same that we chose on the Linden Lab website.

Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind that with each SpeedLight account, you can add multiple Avatars. You can then choose which Avatar to log in, both using the web browser and using the Android app.

The Speedlight app is on Google Play Store, and you can use it. As I said, three parts are still flawed: 

  • IM
  • groups 
  • and friends.

Here is the video I recorded to show you the use of SpeedLight. 

SpeedLight App – Overview

At the bottom of the article, I leave all the useful references to register for SpeedLight and be informed about the latest news about this new tool.

SpeedLight Useful Links

Join To SpeedLight

SpeedLight on Facebook

SpeedLight Docs

SpeedLight on Discord




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