That (Autumn) Missing Melody

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It’s no mystery that Missing Melody is one of my favorite destinations in Second Life.
I had, in fact, already written a post and record a short video to remember over time the creative ability of Bambi (secondlife:///app/agent/c5ae19fb-fc35-4847-930d-ff5574e3b2d4/about).
Missing Melody (Old Version)

I’m back today, having peered at a few shots captured by community users. I learned that Missing Melody had renewed again in its autumn version, giving all its passionate visitors a beautiful gift.

The autumn version is, if possible, even better than the previous version. The choice of light settings is, perhaps, a little dark.
I preferred it so that the visitors of my blog could enter a mood of serenity and peace by watching the images and the video. For this reason, I chose the CaIWL setting, appropriately modifying the East Angle value in “Lighting” (World → Edit Sky Preset). For optimal viewing use Black Dragon Viewer.
I also removed the vision of all the lights attached to the avatar. The natural light is already optimal for beautiful shots.

  • That (Autumn) Missing Melody
  • That (Autumn) Missing Melody
  • That (Autumn) Missing Melody
  • That (Autumn) Missing Melody
  • That (Autumn) Missing Melody

For those who want to rez, they can join the group that allows the rez rights at the cost of L$ 250 → Join To Missing Melody Staff. A reasonable price, given the beauty of the place’s landscape.


Missing Melody (Autumn Version)



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