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Good evening guys, today I want to talk to you about some discounts that are available for everyone during this foreclosure period. 

There are some exciting initiatives involving the various designers who are called to give some of their objects freely, without the imposition to join a specific group. In other cases, however, we are talking about sales that some shops are doing to help those forced to stay at home during this challenging period.

The first initiative I want to tell you about is the Stay At Home Club, which was created by the Hilter Designer. It is a charity initiative, which is in no way a profit-making point. I was contacted by the same creator who kindly, having seen my video on YouTube, where I talked about the Second Life utility during the quarantine period, invited me to see the gifts that their Club made available to everyone. I decided to deepen this exciting initiative, making the essential links available to readers to access the gifts that will be updated continuously easily. Reading on the presentation note card of this exciting event, you can find these words:

We want to welcome you to The Stay at Home Club! We are gathering a collection of creators wishing to provide gifts for everyone to enjoy during these more difficult times in real life. We already have many creators joining us to make SL a little brighter for everyone, and we would love you to join us too.

We ask that you provide a gift at your main store that we can list on our website and social media. There is no start or end date to this, as sadly, we do not know how long the real-life issues will last.

If you are interested in joining us, you can find more information and the sign-up form here:

You can visit our website to view our current gift collection:

The first two links I want to offer you are: the link to the inworld location and the link to their main website. Here it is straightforward to access the gifts available to everyone, as I said without obligation to join any specific group.

All designers are called to participate, as it is an important initiative, since the dramatic period that we are all experiencing. 

You can find The Stay at Home Club also on discord; I leave you at the bottom of this article all the useful references to easily access the information that interests you.

Another exciting initiative I want to talk to you about is the discount that Lelutka has decided to make on all its mesh heads, which will cost 3990 L$ until further notice, instead of the usual 5000.

As I said to some, who asked me the question, I use the Lelutka Evolution head because I like it very much and I find it very realistic. It fits well with any skin; in particular, I use Glam Affair because I believe that the combination of Glam Affair and Lelutka Evolution is excellent.

Also, at this moment, erratic is selling 60% of all its clothes, including the Fat Packs. Even in this case, I leave you all the useful references to be able to access the shop and take advantage of these incredible sales easily.

Useful links

The Stay at Home website

The Stay at Home Designers Form

The Stay at Home on Discord

The Stay at Home Inworld Location

Lelutka Mainstore

Erratic Mainstore

My Youtube Video

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