Tia Rungray live at Sabishiyama in Akiniwa

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14 November 2021 – 5 AM SLT – 22:00 JST

Please feel hearty welcome to join us!

The venue where Tia Rungray will be playing in the Akipelago is Sabishiyama in the Akiniwa SIM. This is a Japanese style building by Ryusho Ort and a landscape unit by Sominel Edelman, inspired by Japanese temples in the mountains. The gardens are by Mitsuko Kytori.

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今回Tia RungrayがAkipelagoで演奏する会場は、Akiniwa SIMのSabishiyamaです。ここはRyusho Ortによる日本式建築物とSominel Edelmanによる景観ユニットで構成され、日本の山に佇む寺院をイメージした風景となっています。庭園はMitsuko Kytoriさんの作品です。

Welcome for the beauty of thinking in sounds!

Sabishiyama in Akiniwa Teleport

Sabishiyama in Akiniwa Teleport

Tia Rungray

Electroacoustic music called “Noise Classical” project.

Tia Rungray’s career began in 2013 with the release of his self-produced album ‘Foresta’.

Tia has been performing in the virtual space “Second Life” since 2013 and in the Tokyo area since 2014.

In 2016, he and Kenji Agata (video director) participated in the screening of various films at Senju LAB #1 (organized by composer Akira Senju). In March 2019, the music video “Dancing Fly in My Head” (directed by Kenji Agata) was released with the help of Akira Senju’s office, Tokyo University of the Arts COI and YAMAHA.

Tia is influenced by the ideas of Eric Satie and John Cage, among others. He has developed a unique style that incorporates ambient, post-classical and noise music. He has been creating and releasing instrumental music based on it. The combination of sophisticated piano and violent, ferocious noise creates a spiritual world and social scene.
He has been actively collaborating with video directors for concerts. On that stage, silence and madness coexist. It will look wild and raw. It even gives the audience a sense of madness.

On April 29, 2018, the album “MindgEsso” was published from “Cat&Bonito”. Akira Senju (composer) said, “I’ve heard the air of the future.” about it.

Album “STRUKTURO” is NOW available!

New Album “Strukturo”

Cast: Sakiko Takizawa
Direction & Cinematograph: Kenji Agata
Script: Daichi Misaki

Please enjoy it on various streaming sites and Bandcamp.

More informations about Tia Rungray in my “Interview with Artist”

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