May 20 – 1 PM SLT – 29 JST

Tia Rungray will perform again at ESKOL, an experimental music and art community that continues to operate in Second Life. The venue will also feature an exhibition of new paintings by Nodomé Morgenröte.

実験的な音楽や美術のコミュニティとしてSecond Lifeで活動し続けるESKOLTia Rungrayが公演します。今回の会場ではNodomé Morgenröteによる新作絵画作品の展示も行われます。

YouTube Live Stream

Welcome for the beauty of thinking in sounds and art!

ESKOL – EndEdge – Teleport

Tia Rungray

Takayuki Noami’s self-produced electroacoustic music project, which advocates noise classical music.
After releasing his first album ‘Foresta’ in 2013, he has been working mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area and in the virtual space ‘Second Life’.

Since 2015, he has produced the sound installation ‘STRUKTURO’ in Second Life.

In 2016, he participated in Senju LAB #1, a screening of his video works organized by composer Akira Senju, with video director Kenji Agata.
In March 2019, the music video ‘Dancing Fly in My Head’ (directed by Kenji Agata) was released with the cooperation of Akira Senju’s office, Tokyo University of the Arts COI and YAMAHA.

In October 2020, his music video “Soft Strings” (directed by Takayuki Noami) won the Best Music Video Director Award at the International Film Festival “1st Monthly Film Festival” (Serbia).

Influenced by the ideas of Eric Satie and John Cage, Tia Rungray’s music is primarily instrumental, using ambient sounds, piano, and even noise. He creates his own worldview with a unique style that incorporates ambient, post-classical and noise music. The fusion of sophisticated piano and violent and ferocious noise depicts the inner world of human beings, and the rough and raw live performance where stillness and motion coexist is not only soothing to the audience, but also makes them feel even madness.

His first nationally distributed album ‘MindgEsso’ was released on 29 April 2018 on the independent label Cat&Bonito. It has led composer Akira Senju to say “I’ve heard the air of the future”.
On 27 July 2020, he released an album with Yorihisa Taura titled ‘Juvenile’ on the independent label ‘Tannukineiri Records’. The new album “STRUKTURO” was released on 12 February 2021.

aka – Takayuki Noami

Art & Sound Producer
Born in 1992 in Kyoto, Japan.
In 2011, he entered the Music Department of Tokyo University of the Arts. He has studied piano under Akiko Ishikawa, Yoshiko Akaike and Takashi Fujii, and acoustic music production under Tatsuhiko Nishioka.

Since 2013, he has been self-producing the electroacoustic music project ‘Tia Rungray’. He also founded Non-REM Records (now Non-REM Studio).

His experience as a PA operator in a live music club has led him to work as a freelance sound engineer, producing sound for artists, as well as providing exclusive PA and design services as a total art producer.

In 2020, he directed the music video ‘Soft Strings’, which was awarded a prize at the International Film Festival.

All informations about Tia Rungray in my “Interview with Artist”

New Singe “Cremation” is available!

Website – Apple Music – Spotify – Amazon Music

Music: Tia Rungray
Art Work: Mimi Nakajoh
Mix, Mastering & Design: Takayuki Noami (Non-REM Studio)

The song “Cremation” was first performed by Tia Rungray at a live concert to celebrate the release of “MindgEsso” in June 2018, and has since undergone a number of live arrangements. Now it’s time to release it as a single version.
With a mainly post-classical approach, Tia Rungray has matured his sound by applying the techniques he tried on “Strukturo”, released in February 2021.

Tia Rungray’s new album “STRUKTURO”

Bandcamp – Streaming – Strukturo (Official Music Video)

Cast: Sakiko Takizawa
Direction & Cinematograph: Kenji Agata
Script: Daichi Misaki

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Nodomé Morgenröte (nodome)

“NodosArt”, a creative art and design label has been established by Nodome Morgenröte after a long dark phase in her personal artistic development.

She worked for a number of years as a product photographer and designed everything from print media to digital media to create a complete corporate identity.

The downside to this intensive learning stage was that she lost the freedom of her own art because of a diligent commitment to her design job.

In 2019 she has found her path back to the roots of her real emotional and free art and will go on evolving through digital paintings, photos, and will perhaps develop her expression with charcoal, ink, aquarell/watercolor and other expressive mediums as the inspiration or requests take her!

Nodomé Morgenröte started her art experience as a teenager when she wrote a small blog. Because she could never find the right pictures to embody her writing and lyrics. So she grasped a small camera and started to shoot her own images.

Since then she has been unstoppable.

Photography courses and working groups followed. She was a part of a progressive analog photography working group, a studio photography group, some PC groups where she designed simple html websites.

Nodomé styled her own magazine layout and content adding to her media and business knowledge while working as an intern with some wonderful photographers, designers and webdesigners. So she has taken many more and different steps including drawing courses and has even won some, as yet, minor art prizes.

But the best tutor is life, she says.

With the professional knowledge of a designer and the wildly crazy mind of an artist she will choose the right tool for an breathtaking, individual and original painting, exclusive to your floor!

So if you have a naked wall and want to smile every day, grab an apple in front of her store,

buy YOUR real art \♥/

Visit and follow: NodosArt GalleryDiscord FacebookFlickr

NodosArt Gallery

MORLITA Quan (MorlitaM) – Owner of ESKOL

Join & follow, :::ESKOL:::

In-World URL – Facebook – Discord

:::ESKOL::: & Tia Rungray Art Promotion

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