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It has been 7 months since Miaa Rebane last posted a photo on Flickr. Miaa had reported that she had contracted covid-19 in one of her last posts… then nothing.
Her fans (including me) are understandably worried about her. Some write on her Facebook wall, others comment on Flickr.

A post on Miaa Rebane’s FB Dashboard

We all hope that Miaa is okay and simply going through a period away from Second Life.
Miaa Rebane is the first and most influential fashion blogger because she gave Second Life fashion the dignity of authentic images. Although some time has passed and there are excellent fashion bloggers, I still think Miaa is the best. This is because her photos are captured within the virtual world to replicate the style of high-end fashion photography in real life.
Miaa has created storytelling, style, careful photo editing, and art all in one image blog.
Please let anyone who has any news know as soon as possible.

we miss you // Miaa.

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