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I’m exploring a double exposure of Yadleen, composer and musician in Second Life and Real Life. Yadleen is undoubtedly well known for her musical performances, but I want to focus the reader’s attention on her art.

Yadleen exhibits her photographs in two mini-galleries at Clara’s ArtGarden.
The first of these two mini-exhibitions is at the Urban Gallery: it is a minimal structure, furnished in a simple way but with an excellent aesthetic taste. At the landing point, it is already possible to see two works by Yadleen: they are images with poorly defined edges that leave a lot of room for imagination. If someone asked me what I see in it, my vision would probably travel distant paths from the artist’s original thought. I can say without fear of being denied that, although the two images’ subjects are not exact in their outlines, both photographs convey beautiful sensations, an absolute harmony, and inner tranquility.

second life art

Inside, the images proposed have more defined outlines: the two shots at the entrance focus on nature, while the pictures on the upper floor accessible from the stairs on the left enhance parts of buildings. Yadleen does not like bright colors and seems to prefer black and white, with a predominance of white, at least in the images proposed at the Urban Gallery.

The White Gallery, the second mini exhibition space, is more sophisticated in the style of furniture. Here Yadleen’s images are always in black and white, but the predominance is black. The subjects are very different from each other: we move from skyscrapers to pictures in which it is more difficult to identify the subject of the photograph. Also, at the White gallery, there is no shortage of photos that have nature as their central theme.
I recommend a visit to these two mini-exhibition spaces that allow us to get to know another artistic side of Yadleen relating to photography.
Meanwhile, for those wishing to know the artist better, I refer to the gallery’s website.


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